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    Welcome to SLBE refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd!  Service : 0523-87583999
    • 20years

      R&D,design and manufacturing

    • 39items

      Patent qualification certificate

    • 40,28thousand

      Registered capital

    • 500items

      More than 500 typical projects


    It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, sales and installation of high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection heat exchanger, condenser equipment and water chiller


    Honesty first, Quality first


    The company holds D1 and D2 class I and II special equipment manufacturing license, and has passed IS09001 and 14001 international system certification.

    • Zhaosheng

    • Yongsheng

    • Hemei

    • Chivet

    • Iceberg

    • Xinsheng

    • Sanyan

    • Mitsubishi

    • Tecka

    • Vick

    • Grede

    • Ollika

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